Genetic Testing And The Connection Between Genes, Nutrition and Health

Nutrigenomics: DNA test for diet and health

Do you know your blood cholesterol levels? Maybe and may be not! Well, the answer lies in your genes! If you wonder how, read on….

Nutrigenomics, the science that studies the strong correlation between genes and nutrition, is beginning to provide answers to questions. Emerging as the most relevant field of scientific study, Nutrigenomics has imbued the clichéd phrase – “prevention is better than cure”, with much significance and meaning. It unravels the complex interplay of health and nutrition by defining how our DNA influences our response to nutrition.

Each individual respond differently to diets .This is mainly due to minor variations in their genetic makeup. What keeps you healthy (Bananas and yoghurt) for instance, may not necessarily have the same effect on somebody else. “One-size-fits-all approach is not necessarily applicable to everyone” is what nutrigenomics research underlines. It’s not enough to eat a lot of fresh veggies & fruits and exercise regularly; you need to know specifically which of the fruits and veggies work best with your genotype.

Simply put, it is more about personalized nutrition, based on your genetic makeup. It is equally important to understand that genetics is not your destiny and it doesn’t mean that you are destined to face the odds due to your genetic traits. Always remember that one’s genes can be turned “off” or “on” depending on the food and lifestyle choices that one makes. This adds ammunition to the popular saying – “Genetics is a loaded gun, but lifestyle is the trigger”.


Genetic testing and the balanced diet

If that be the case, how does one learn about what is right or what is wrong when one makes nutritional choices? What types of food will be better absorbed and assimilated by your body? The answer lies in a simple Genetic test that will analyze an individual’s genome and identify his susceptibilities to certain illnesses. It will also help in formulating a personalized diet plan by predicting how effectively his/her body can absorb and assimilate the food items that the individual consumes. Thus, genetic analysis also facilitates prescription of a balanced diet based on the individual’s genetic profile.

Nutrigenomics is an emerging field where research is still underway to identify the relationship between food and gene expressions. However, the outcome of nutrigenomics research could become a powerful tool for recommending a personalized diet plan.

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